Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This is my season for knitting scarves and afghans-watching Persuasion I finished 2 scarves which you can kind of see in this sideways picture which I took with my cell phone. One scarf is to the left of the white squares and the other is to the right of them. Now I am committed to finishing this very fancy white flower afghan (2 squares shown in the picture-all of the flower squares are different) for my sister while I am watching the Jane Austen series. I would also love to knit either a reticule or a pelisse-I have found a sewing pattern for a reticule so maybe I can adapt that one.

Persuasion was pretty disappointing-it was way too short and had no character development to speak of. It took me nearly 30 minutes to remember that Elizabeth was Anne's sister and not her father's trophy wife! They seem to have started it a few chapters into the book. It was also not
believable that Lucy could flit so quickly from Captain Wentworth to his friend-or that his friend (whose name I forget) could get over his dead love so quickly. I have seen at least one other version of Persuasion and that one was somewhat better developed.

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