Sunday, January 27, 2008


Hi. My name is Katie (seem to be a few of us!) and I'm excited to join this blog. I really enjoy Jane Austen and, of course, knitting! I took a class in college just on Jane Austen's novels, but that was long enough that they're all a pleasant, but distant, memory. So far, I've enjoyed watching the movies and I'm looking forward to the one tonight. I agree that they're a bit short, but... Last week I worked on one of the fronts of a cotton cardigan I've been doing (pictured here--a bit fuzzy). I should probably work more on this tonight, but I think I may want to advance on some socks...

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Lynn said...

Good to meet you Katie.
I'm hoping that a nicely paced KAL like this will encourage me to keep on knitting the projects I have on my needles too.
I always get inspired by Jane Austen: to knit, to write, to enjoy life and love, and to be witty.
I'd totally take an all Austen class. That sounds like it was great.