Monday, January 14, 2008

Off to a painful start

Very funny that I'd emailed Katie about Wentworth's good looks before I'd read her post! My partner made an interesting comment about last night's Persuasion which I hadn't noticed bothered me, but after she pointed it out I realized had a bit--she (and I) wished that there had been a little more sense of place. There were SO MANY close-ups, particularly of Anne, that much I enjoy about watching Austen films (lovely countryside, lavish parties, elegant sitting rooms) was absent. That said, I do think we got a very intimate look at Anne's torment and desperation. Didn't you cringe and writhe for her? I thought it was well done overall.

Persuasion was the perfect accompaniment to my knitting project. What better to watch while working on a project you started FOUR YEARS AGO than the story of someone still longing for a better life eight years after she thinks she lost her best chance? I've just picked this blanket back up after a very long time away--here it is in my little viewing corner for watching TV: While poor Anne was being tortured by Wentworth's cutting comments about strength of mind, I was trying to fix mistakes buried eight rows down in some garter stitch. Ick.

The blanket is for our fourth and youngest daughter, Ellis, due in April. I started it when I first got pregnant with our twins, before we knew they were twins or girls, and was working on it while in the hospital on bed rest before they were born and died. I just didn't have the heart to pick it up after that, other than some brief attempts during my pregnancy with my third daughter. Because this will probably be our last baby if we get to bring her home, I thought I'd better finish it! It's on some smallish needles so may take me until April to finish, but hopefully devoting Sunday evenings to the cause will help me reach the goal.

One more silly little thing--I could only see the actress that played Elizabeth as the caterer in 'Love Actually.' I just could not get past it!

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pdxkatie said...

I am so glad you are able to work on that blanket again. Hoping for the very best for Ellis!