Monday, January 14, 2008

so what did you think?

My dreams of wrapping up in a blanket with my knitting and wine all by myself was a little augmented by an unexpected guest - a teething baby! Luckily Little Miss was happy to sleep as long as I held her so I balanced the vino and knitting around her warm little body.
I was swept away by Persuasion. What a great start to the series! While it's never been my favorite of Austen's books, I found new things to appreciate about it last night - Anne's growth from timidity to independence felt very natural. I was cheering for her as she ran around Bath looking for Frederick. And speaking of Frederick - va va va voom! I never thought of him as being so handsome as Rupert Penry-Jones who played him in last night's production. But possibly, as he grew into his fortune maybe he also grew into his looks. I would have liked a bit more of scenes with his sister who is a great role-model for Anne, but overall, I was very satisfied by the first entry in the series.
I was able to finish one knitting project and start another even while cuddling with Little Miss - but I haven't had time to photograph it yet. I'll share it soon.

I would love to hear what others thought and what projects they are working on. If you've emailed me with your request to join the KAL, I've sent you the permissions to write your own blog entry. I can't wait to see what you think!

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knitter01 said...

If you sent me directions on how to post directly on this blog, I have misplaced them! Can you send again?? Also how we would add pictures of what we are working on? I finished one scarf and started another-since I dodn't have any little misses to snuggle. I really want to try something new-like socks-but I am afraid I might have to concentrate too much!