Tuesday, January 29, 2008


After trying to start several other projects, I decided I AM going to finish this birthday afghan for my sister so she can get it this June, only one year late. So I am now adding crochet edging to each square, starting with the lacy ones. I have to find the pattern again so I can finish embroidering 2 of the flowers (duplicate stitch is so much easier than carrying the colors behind!). I got in extra knitting on Sunday since I watched the figure skating US Nationals first. I am also teaching a co-worker to knit and it's so much fun to see her enthusiasm for it.

I did enjoy Mansfield Park a little more than the first 2-I had also seen an old production (probably BBC) and this one was much better. We are planning to do a face to face book group on one of her books and will probably choose this one since most of us have not read it lately. I pretty much know Pride and Prejudice by heart, so that wouldn't work.

Sarah (I realized everyone else has their name as a screen name!)


Stephanie... said...

Really really pretty squares. I think that would be worth waiting for! We've read several J.A. books in my face-2-face book club. My favorite (and I think everyone else's too) was when we read "Emma," and then as a hoot had drinks and hors d'oeuvrees and watched "Clueless." It was a lot of fun!

knitter01 said...

Thanks Stephanie-the lacy squares are interspersed with embroidered flowers (she's a major gardener). Hopefully by next week I'll have a couple of those bordered as well, or maybe even begin to put the afghan together. I am planning a marathon knit in and party to watch Pride and Prejudice (6 hrs) since I have it on both video and DVD.