Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Here is my first Jane Austen project. Nothing particular Regency about it but easy to do in the dark. A little cap for my baby girl - made a bit big so it will work next fall. I've finished the matching leg warmers. It's made with Zen String in Chocolate Cherise. So pretty! And I love knitting with sock yarn - though I am terrible at socks - they are always so slouchy. So any kind of project that isn't socks when I can use this light and pretty yarn is a plus.
I did get a couple of pictures of Little Miss wearing it in progress but her teething is giving her a despondent, runny nose look that I wouldn't want to capture for posterity - though very Regency - can you imagine how many snifles people must have had living without central heat? More when she recovers. Knit on!

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