Monday, January 21, 2008


I hope it is ok to post an introduction. My name is Amy - I am Knitnmom on Ravelry. I have two blogs - my personal journal at Journal Back to Joy and my knitblog at Knit+Mom=Knitnmom

I've only been a fan of Jane for a few years. I think only recently would I have enjoyed it as much as I do now. For Christmas I bought myself the BBC Jane Austen DVD collection and am really enjoying them. I would rather listen to Jane's books via audio and they are great for knitting! I've yet to listen to Northanger Abbey - I'll have to see if Librivox has a good version. Does anyone know?

As for what I am knitting....well, I was going to work on the Secret of the Stole ii, but it became very obvious I needed something more mindless so I've pulled out the boxers I'm knitting! I'll probably do some socks eventually too - I'm wanting to knit the Firestarters - have you seen them?

I look forward to meeting you all!


knitter01 said...

Hi Amy- I tried the link to your boxers but it nly took me to the site and I could not find you there--is there a more direct link to the boxers? I threatened to kniot boxers for my brother-in-law and I would really love to do it!

Treesh said...

I contributed one chapter to the Librivox version, but I haven't yet finished listening to all of it.