Tuesday, February 19, 2008

two finished beauties

My mom was visiting this past week and we hit the movies twice - giving me lots of time to knit. I LOVE to knit at the movies! So I was able to finish up my Jane project plus start and finish another project.
The top two pictures are of the soft, fuzzy wool sweater I made for my baby. It's a maybe fit for next winter. I embroidered it a bit and added some knit flowers. It still needs to be blocked but it's a very simple pullover, based on a classic that Garnet Hill used to sell for kids. I love how it turned out. The bottom pictures are of a simple hat and legwarmers made with the fabulous Socks That Rock yarn - so fun to knit with. I am a bit obsessed with matching caps and legwarmers for Little Miss.
I don't know what my next project will be. I've been loving watching P&P in the three distinct parts the way it was originally aired on the BBC. I have the dvd and always pop it in while doing some organization project around the house so it's more often background than something I am focusing on. I am concentrating on it much more with this Sunday night ritual. And I find so many people watching the series outside of this kal - I love getting to talk Jane with people I never knew loved her.

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knitter01 said...

I love the baby sweater-so sweet!