Monday, February 11, 2008

Miss Lynn Regrets

the utter lack of pictures. I lent my camera to someone, and I don't have it back yet.
I did start a moebius scarf (FIVE TIMES) through Miss Austen Regrets. I finished it through the CSI mini marathon later (does that count, I just couldn't stop knitting). I won't have pics of that because it was a commission and I needed the money, so I already gave it to the person who is getting it, but I will take a pic of mine as a model.

I loved the detail in Miss Austen Regrets, too. I had to pause it at the scene where she's writing at the window and her sister comes in. Did you see the handknit lace scarf she had on her head? It was beautiful. now I know that my next project will be a lace one. I love it so much and I've been wanting to do more lace anyway. I already have the yarn, now I've got to find the right pattern.

Looking forward to settling down with my DVR to start P&P and the lovely Colin Firth. I'm a Colin fan more than a Mr. Darcy fan. I relate to Emma much more, and I love Mr. Knightly. Actually, did you notice the relationship between Jane and Rev. Bridges. He points out her mistakes and she thanks him for it: just like Emma and Mr. Knightley. I can't wait.


The McAuleys said...

Oooohhhh--looking for knitted or crocheted items in the films! That should be worth extra credit!!!!!! :) Now I'm going to have to keep an eye out--clearly not paying enough attention to the details!

knitter01 said...

Is is rude to ask you about the commission-how you got it- what you charge, etc? I somethimes think about knitting to order but have never got farther than thinking about it. Thanks!

Lynn said...

To knitter 01: I walked into my boyfriends office wearing my new Moebius scarf. One of his co-workers saw me and loved the scarf and asked for one. I found some wool yarn at Hobby Lobby for about $5.00 a ball, so I only charged her $20 since it didn't take me too long to make it. This is usually how I get commissions. Someone sees what I'm wearing or knows that I knit and asks me to make something. In my market though, I have to be careful of what I charge. I usually make simple patterns for people because they wouldn't be able to afford what I'd have to charge for something with a lot of cables or lacework. If you have more questions, feel free to send me an e-mail.

Lynn said...

To the mcauleys:
I love looking for knitters in the movies or TV shows. It's great fun, and it gives me good ideas. My sister saw Sweeney Todd and want some gloves like Mrs. Lovett.
I actually saw a website once that listed tv shows and movies where someone was knitting. Don't remember it now though.