Wednesday, February 13, 2008

beginner projects

I've been working on two beginner knitting projects while enjoying the PBS series.  The first project is laughable. I started an afghan when I was pregnant with my first son...who is now 23! I picked it up again this year and got help from my knitting diva friend to finish. The original pattern had three complicated (for me) panels...and I only finished part of one as pictured. (Don't ask me what I've been doing all this time--you know, life.) I just couldn't concentrate enough to quit making mistakes : (  The 'new' pattern is to do two simplified outside panels, then hopefully ramp up to finishing the center one.

In the midst of the outside panel, I had to take a mental break and do another project. I did a simple prayer shawl. It's really a nice color, and fun to wrap up in while knitting on the other. I'd like to hear comments on those that like to work on one project at a time...or have a few going at once. Thanks for getting me back into the knitting world, even if it as an aged beginning! It's very inspiring seeing all that the group is doing. 


knitter01 said...

When I packed up to go work in Jamaica for a year, I had 35 projects in various stages of completion! Finishing is one of my problems-as I see now that I've done the basic knitting for my sister's afghan it's boring to do the finish and assembly work. Prayers shawls are great. aren't they? Very soothing knitting and a great finished product. Lookslikeyou are doing great getting back in. So, I never workon only one project at a time.

pdxkatie said...

I love your projects Dulsanna!
I am the same way about having more than one project. I love to knit but I don't really love to sew up seams or sew in loose ends. I have to force myself to do that. So while my really pretty fuzzy pink sweater is all knit up - one sleeve still needs to be sewn and I've already started another hat/legwarmer combination for Little Miss.
I also usually read more than one book at a time as well. Don't feel bad about it - it's a talent!

Stephanie... said...

Oh I have lots of projects going on but what really made me laugh out loud was how long you've been working on your afgan. One of my project's is my daughter's Christmas stocking, which I started when I was pregnant. And she'll be 13 this Saturday!

knitter01 said...

Stephanie-how funny- my daughter turns 24 this Saturday! She's the lucky one in the family-I have actually finished everything I started for her-unlike my sisters, nieces and nephews!

Lynn said...

I can have about 4 projects going at the same time, but lately I've been focusing on one or two. Right now I have two and I'm about to start a third because my sister has a few things she wants me to make for her and her boyfriend.