Friday, February 15, 2008

I am enjoying Jane Austen very much, but I haven't found a knitting project that relates to her at all. Last week I started a scarf that, if all goes well, will be full of hidden aliens. By knitting purls and purling knits they should only be visible from certain angles. They are very visible on the wrong side of the scarf. I hope that means it's working. I've been meaning to knit these scarfs for my cousins for Christmas for at least the last two years. My sister would probably like one too.

Seeing Gillian Anderson every week makes me miss THE X-FILES, although I think she's sounded very flat in her introductions. A couple of times she sounded like she was reading off a card. Does she always introduce MASTERPIECE THEATER? She starred in HOUSE OF MIRTH and I was wondering if that made her an American authority on Austen. If it was widely believed that all costume dramas are the same and no one knows the difference. Isn't that a horrible thought?

Once I started thinking about it though, I think Austen and Wharton were a little similar. I love the way they both handle narration. The narrator is always my favorite character because she's so clever. I imagine that's what they were like in real life. MISS AUSTEN REGRETS seemed to agree with me, at least as far as Jane Austen is concerned.


Lynn said...

My projects aren't really realted to Jane Austen or her world either. But yours is very clever just like the heroines of Austen's novels.
I agree about how cold Gillian Anderson sounds. It is sad that all 'costume dramas' are treated as the same. I don't even like the term.

Stephanie... said...

I love the idea of your scarf. I'm still mulling over pattern ideas. I bought the yarn to make a scarf. It has a lot of color in it, so now I think the pattern should be plain so that the two don't compete and become tacky. (Would prefer the resulting project to be more appropriate to Lizzy than to Lydia). In my odd way I thought this might be like Austen's heroines. They could be plain to look at but have colorful personalities.

I agree about Gillian Anderson. Perhaps she thinks she sounds seriously intellectual? Many Americans think that if they talk about anything British they must do so in a tone that is both pedantic and dull.