Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some Austen Better than No Austen?

While flipping through the TV channels this weekend I realized that "Pride and Prejudice"with Kiera Knightly was on a cable channel that I didn't even know we had. This is NOT my favorite rendition ofan Austen novel; the storyline was altered. (Who messes with Jane Austen?) On the plus side, Dame Judy Dench was Lady Catherine and that was brilliant!
Did anyone else stumble across it?

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Lynn said...

I didn't see it this week, but I have seen that version of P&P. I liked it, and don't usually have too much of a problem with altered story lines, even though I'm an English teacher. I think it is a way to get people to read (I hope), and I will therefore allow it (yeah...like it's my choice).

I like the Keira Knightley version mostly because of the music. It's BEAUTIFUL! I also like the more sisterly way the Bennett sisters act. Constant bickering is a must with five girls.