Sunday, March 2, 2008

so sad

I've just discovered today that I'll have to wait until the 23rd in order to see more Jane Austen. I searched my DVR for the last installment of P&P, but I think someone deleted it accidentally. So, I looked for new Masterpiece recordings scheduled, but did not find it for today. I was mad a PBS for stupid pledge drive time. I'm bad I know.

Luckily, this TV hiatus will give me time to finally post some pics of what I've been doing. I've queued up the last episode of P&P in my Netflix, and I've also added Emma Thompson's Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen Book Club, and others. Some are on very long wait though.

I just watch Becoming Jane with Anne Hathaway this last week. Has anyone else seen it? I thought it was just allright. I don't know too much about Jane's early adult life, but I love Anne Hathaway. I think she's just lovely.

Pics this week, I promise.


The McAuleys said...

Ha--Becoming Jane and Jane Austen book club are both on our queue, too! :) We haven't seen either yet.

Stephanie... said...

I, too, was MOST ANNOYED about PBS and the pledge drive. Good thing I have my own copy of "Emma"

FilmGal30 said...

I ended up not watching the PBS overview of the making of the Complete Jane Austen because the time schedule was all messed up because of the pledge drive. I know that they have to ask for donations, but does it have to be so long in between programs? I ended up just putting another movie in instead. I thought "Becoming Jane" was good especially the actors and I really loved the adaptation of the Jane Austen Book Club. I've also been rewatching "Persuasion" quite a bit and love the lace (crocheted or knit) on the end of Anne's dress when she is playing the piano forte!