Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More Austen...Hooray!

For some reason, my stupid DVR deleted Emma before I had a chance to watch it. Not to worry, I've been able to find the episodes of Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, and Emma that I missed. I may have to wait a while, but I'll still be able to watch. Right now I'm watching Northanger Abbey, but I really enjoyed Persuasion. I was happy to see Anthony Head from Buffy, and Alice Krige from Star Trek: First Contact in it. I hated Anne's sister Mary, but Anne was just lovely, and the whole "I shall never be persuaded to the contrary" scene at the end had me on tenterhooks. I found myself jumping up and down in my chair saying, "Just kiss him ALREADY!" Wonderful.

I'm looking forward to watching Sense and Sensibility, but I too love the one with Emma Thompson and may find this one hard to compete with.

Pics later today. I've finished some lacey fingerless gloves for my sister that I worked on throughout several movies, and a baby blanket for my boyfriend's sister's new baby.


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