Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Almost over

Well, I have Emma on DVD from Netflix, but I have not yet watched it. I am looking forward to it though. Here are some pics of the projects I've been working on throughout the KAL (and in between). I made some lacy fingerless gloves requested by my sister. I modified a feather and fan pattern (created my own decrease and everything). I turned them into short finger gloves per her request. I used a wool/bamboo blend from Germany called Trekking Pro Natura that she picked out from her LYS. She doesn't knit, but seems to have a yarn addiction like our mom and me. I liked the yarn. It was very soft and had a good drape. I liked her gloves so much that I'm making some of my own but with Louet Gems in teal. They are lovely, and I'm going to finish them (hopefully) while I watch Emma.

I also made a baby blanket for my boyfriend's sister's new baby (due the end of April). No one knows if it's a boy or a girl yet, so I made it yellow and green variegated. As it turns out, her nursery is yellow and green...how fortuitous. I used Cotton Tots for this (and all my baby blankets) because it is mommy friendly...machine washable and already shrunk. I lined it with cotton flannel because they live in Pittsburgh, and I hand stitched the lining on.
It's been fun. I'm sorry that it's over already and wish that there was more Jane Austen.
I liked Sense and Sensiblity, but I like Persuasion the best. S&S had beautiful music and scenery. I think someone mentioned that you get to like Marianne. True, because she was a bit annoying at first. I did like the true sisterhood the actresses seemed to have, and the badness that is Willoughby. Col. Brandon was wonderful in his true devotion to Marianne, and I've always felt bad for Edward F. He is shy, loving, and caring, and just seems to be a victim of circumstance. This actor really brought that out. I think that I still like the Emma Thompson version better, but almost any will do for me.
Good to meet and knit with you all. I'm now on Ravelry (stitchtwister). Hope to see you around.

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