Tuesday, April 1, 2008

All that Lace

I was watching Sense and Sensibility on Sunday while knitting my Socktopia March socks and was consumed by the desire to knit lace. Could it have been all that feather-light stuff on the small screen in front of me? I just adore the lace collars and small shawls all the characters wear in this production. So I put away my socks and pulled out my poor Mystery Stole 3 that I've been ignoring. It took me a good half hour to figure out where I left off (I had to keep one eye on the t.v.) and it took another half hour to decide the pattern was too complicated to work while watching something new. I then cast on the Estonian Shawl and that worked much better! I must say that I am really enjoying this season of Masterpiece. I've just about decided to purchase all the DVD's (of course I already have P&P) even though I have been recording them as they air. I've re-watched Persuation, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park and Miss Austen Regrets every week since each has been on. I think that's a pretty good clue that I should have the DVD's. Happy knitting everyone!

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loopy1 said...

A discussion thread on Crochetville.org has been started to discuss Austen's works and we are looking for something to crochet, preferably, or knit (don't know if everyone knits). Something that Jane would like. We would appreciate any suggestions and where we could find the patterns. Thanks!